Overview of 3rd Grade


Daily mini-lessons followed by guided practice
Guided Reading/Literature Groups
Author/Genre Studies
Comprehension Toolkit
Independent Reading
Reader’s Theater
Daily Read Aloud Time
Reading Centers
Nightly Reading
Phonics/Word Study

Daily mini-lessons followed by guided practice
Notebook writing

Everyday Math Program
Problem solving
Fact practice/Xtramath

We use the Rebecca Sitton spelling materials at YES.  These materials focus on spelling, phonics, and proofreading skills.  The third grade spelling goal is to have the kids write the grade 3 priority words correctly in their daily writing by the end of the school year.  Throughout the year, the kids will be introduced to a larger group of words known as core words.  Students will be exposed to these words, and they will be “recycled” during the year through a variety of activities, as well as during the end of the week spelling check-ins. There will also be optional vocabulary/spelling challenges for students.

There are six social studies/science themes that we will be studying this year.  If you have any resources or expertise in any of the following areas, please contact me.

 Sound, Geology, Geography, Economics, Moon/Space, Biographies